NorthSky Kennels

NorthSky Field Spaniels is located east of Rhinelander, WI on the shores of Pine Lake between Crandon and Three Lakes. Pine Lake is the 1,600 acre headwaters of the Wolf River. 

The kennel is the lifelong dream of Kathy Ahrens-Johnson. Kathy has been a dog lover and sometimes breeder going back the the days when her father William "Doc" Golightly bred and showed rough coated Collies. Kathy first stepped into a ring as a young girl. While not able to follow through on a lot of showing, she did manage to always have a dog or two around.

She moved to northern Wisconsin in 1984 and set up with Golden Retrievers, breeding several litters. As her Golden's aged, she began to research many different breed, on the internet, in books and by going to dog shows, including some rare breed shows. Based on her research, she chose the Field Spaniel. Having has some spaniels in her life, the temperament and size of theFieldie appealed to her. In a stroke of luck, just after registering with the breeder's referral list, a field spaniel puppy became available in Michigan - an unusual occurrence with fields. "Yellow girl" was picked up in September of 1999 and came home as "Crystal Rose Born to Bloom" or Amanda.

Since the we've acquired Natcho and Starry and bred Natcho and Amanda and now have Aurora. Follow the links below for more 


Our Amanda has passed over the "Rainbow Bridge" We had to make an emergency visit to the vet because of the way she was acting. An X-ray told the story, a massive tumor, plus several smaller ones in the lungs.

This was on Sunday. On Friday she was out "protecting her territory" as the neighbors and summer residents arrived for the weekend.

If she suffered at all before, she suffered in silence. She appeared to be active and full of life to the end. God grant us all that favor.