CrystalRose Born to Bloom
Amanda has passed over the "Rainbow Bridge" We had to make an emergency visit to the vet because of the way she was acting. An X-ray told the story, a massive tumor, plus several smaller ones in the lungs




This was on Sunday. On Friday she was out "protecting her territory" as the neighbors and summer residents arrived for the weekend.If she suffered at all before, she suffered in silence. She appeared to be active and full of live to the end. God grant us all that favor


    Amanda Bloomer (Crystal Rose Born to Bloom) was born to Cassie (CH Crystal Rose Flying High at Waterfield). Her father was Perry (CH Waterfields Falling Star). She has an impressive pedigree and is expected to do well as a show dog.  During her time with us she has also shown us that she loves water and has a great nose.   She especially liked the deep snow and would cavort in it as often as we let her.  Her first spring was a great disappointment to her, since her playground melted.

     Amanda was at her first show March 5, 2000. It was the Cudahy Kennel Club Show at WI State Fair Park in Milwaukee.  We hadn't had her clipped so the day before a groomer came over to my sister Chris' and we decided that we should have taken Amanda to a groomer before, if nothing else to get her used to being groomed.  It took four people to complete the job.  The clip was not the best, but it did show off Amanda's head.

    The show was a good experience for all.  Amanda took a First in the puppy class (we should mention that she was the only puppy).  She took reserve winners bitch.  In spite of inexperience of all concerned the results are encouraging in that Amanda seems to have the confirmation judges look for (great breeding).  When we all get our respective acts together, she should show well.
    The show also allowed us to begin to meet other field spaniel owners, who gave us much needed and appreciated advise.


Neil tried on day two of the show, but we doubt that even the best handler could have done anything, Amanda was just too squirrel.  We are not sure what it was, but it may have been that she was in the ring with her two litter mates, Drew and Carey.  The had been introduced a couple of minutes before and she wanted to prove she was the top dog and play, that may have carried over into the ring, but that's the dog show biz!
     The Woodstock show provided us the opportunity to meet Amanda's litter-mates Drew and Cary as well as their older sister Madison.  The most oft heard comment was "Those are certainly Cassie's daughters"  When Pat informed the judge that the three puppies she had just judge were litter mates the judge commented "That was a good Breeding." We agree, and while we find Drew and Carey to be nice puppies, we're glad that Amanda was our choice

At the show at Woodstock, IL, Amanda go her first points and her first major - a very important step.  A great deal of thanks goes to Neil and Sharon who showed her.  We can't say enough about the help that we have been given by the people we've met at the shows. Without their help it may not have happened as Paul and Kathy are still not confident enough to show her.



Amanda's Pedigree
 CH Waterfields Falling Star 
CH U-CH Crystal Rose Born to Bloom 
CH C'rose Flying High at Waterfield 
 Ch Lydemore Leslie
Ch Tarralan Kayti of Waterfield 
  CH Chamord's Slam Duck 
 CH Crtstlrose Sweet 'n Sassy
Dayhouse Bruce
 Lydemore Bethnay 
Ch Mauharraq Jester
CH Theralan's Camero Rose
CH Cototica's Oxford Street
CH Chamford's Coffee Tea or Me
CH Elgert Prince of Humbug
CH Theralan Ooooa N' Ahhz CD