NorthSky's Northern Lights
Aurora is now living as "only dog" and walking with her new person in upstate New York. She's lost the weight she put on after her spay and becoming a couch potato. She's not real sure about all the walking, but goes along to please her person.
Aurora (U-CH NorthSky's Northern Lights) was the first whelp of the breeding of Natcho and Amanda. As Amanda was pushing, a "yip-yip was heard and there was White Girl, 3/4 out of her mom and 1/2 out the the birth sack and already complaining, or announcing herself - whatever you prefer to think.

She was the smallest of the litter and for the first week or so seemed not to thrive. There were doubts about her survival, but with a little patience and some hand feeding, White Girl took her place feeding and she began to grow.

Her intense look and the tan "button" over her eyes soon got her the nick name of "debil dog" 

young aurora

As she has grown she has shown to have many of her mother's instincts. She loves to track and is very "birdy" Whenever she sees a bird she goes into a perfect point, then looks around for direction. She has inherited some of her father as well, the couch in front of the TV is just fine for her, though she holds her head in a "queenly" fashion as does her mom.

There are time when it is thought she may have some Golden Retriever in the since she is about the most people pleasing dog we have and goes immediately to anyone - calling the "docile" in the standard into question.

Aurora and ducks Aurora tracking
Aurora championship
Aurora was bred to Eddie and the pup info is on Breeding 2, later she was bred to Simon, Breeding 4

Aurora's Pedigree

CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho 
U-CH NorthSky's Northern Lights 
CH U-CH Crystal Rose Born to Bloom 

Terralan Rainbow Trail
Winter Rose Duchess Delilah
CH Waterfields Falling Star 
CH C'rose Flying High at Waterfield 

Ch Theralan Thrills N Chills
Ch Theralans Syncopatin
Ch Baylea Baxter Roxbury
Winter Rose Histeria Falls
Ch Lydemore Leslie 
Ch Tarralan Kayti of Waterfield 
CH Chamord's Slam Duck 
CH Crtstlrose Sweet 'n Sassy