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Over the years, we have develop a "Puppy Package" that all new owner get. It includes a pedigree of each puppy, birth pictures and weights, a bibliography plus a series of brochures we have developed . You can download and print off these brochures it you wish.
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getting a puppy house and ctrate training crate training
This is too large a file to load on our site, go to Dog Star Daily to download, lots of other good puppy info there also
Some notes on using create training as a means of house training
We recommend crate training as it is helpful to the puppy. this pamphlet gives the rationale for crates and methods to adopt our puppy to them
Dysplasia may occur in your dog, usually detected by x-ray. there are some myths about the condition, this pamphlet is a good primer.
Field's have their own unique grooming, which actually of fairly minimal. Since it is a rare breed, this pamphlet is a good thing to give to your groomer
Some common things to watch out for in order to save your puppy pain and injury and you some vet bills
Common sense, but some times overlooked safeguards for summer
Some notes on basic care for a puppy
Common sense, but some times overlooked safeguards for winter
Two home recipes for canine problems