CH NorthSky's Milky Way

    Milly was a very special girl.  Because of a mild hip problem we felt we coupld not breed her.  After several tries at placement we found a couple from Iowa who came to the northwoods to see Milly
     The man said he loved to walk and took Milly for a "test" stroll.  Milly found the job she was looking for and the couple the dog they were looking for.
     They have reported that Milly is fitting into their home just fine and is happy with her new surroundings and her job.
     Who said you can' teach an old dog new tricks!

Millie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge in March 2013 from cancer. It was very quick, active one day, sick and weak the next and passing quickly.

Her owner had commented several time and what a great companion she was


Millie at age 4 1/2


Millie's's Pedigree

CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natch 
CH NorthSky's Milky Way
CH U-CH Crystal Rose Born to Bloom 
Terralan Rainbow Trail
Winter Rose Duchess Delilah
CH Waterfields Falling Star 
CH C'rose Flying High at Waterfield 
Ch Theralan Thrills N Chills
Ch Theralans Syncopatin
Ch Baylea Baxter Roxbury
Winter Rose Histeria Falls
Ch Lydemore Leslie 
Ch Tarralan Kayti of Waterfield 
CH Chamord's Slam Duck 
CH Crtstlrose Sweet 'n Sassy