Litter Eleven

Born: July 13, 2011

Zeke & Buttercup


Buttercup was one the the "Toby/Lucy" breeding. Given the accomplishments of Toby's brothers in hunting and some careful line breeding we matched Buttercup with Zeke. Now Zeke is a "Master Hunter: who can bring home food for the table as well. We thought the backgrounds and temperaments were such that we'd be able to place some very fine, even tempered pups that loved to hunt

P-UPDATES and Cute Pictures

First feeding - not all were present
All here for snacks
Their first puppy pile
New digs
We love pillows
Puppy Spoons
The past several days has been a heat wave - living on a lake in the middle of the forest means we can get by with open windows and fans. The puppies on the other hand can suffer as much from heat as cold. One solution was to place them on the tile in front of an entrance door, under a ceiling fan. they were quite comfortable and when they began to puppy pile we knew it was time to get them back into the whelping box cool
We co-own Buttercup with a young family that lives about 25 miles from us. they have 4 girls, two who are old enough to appreciate what is going on. We named Buttercup as we did because the girls insisted. Now the whelping and care of the pups was delegated to our house, but the girls have had the chance to come over, carefully pet the pups and have an input on their names (see below) The names are all from "The Princess Bride" kids1 kids2
Mom showing off and supervising her pup
Everyone gets to carefully pet
asleep inigo 1st food

Sleeping everywhichwaybut loose

"I'd thought I'd crawl out,but I fell asleep"
Mom supervises first solid food (or waits for leftovers)
gang clover
First group meal
First time outside, and escape practice
Is this that clover stuff I"ve been hearing we can live in?
We can always rely on good ol' Mom
Anyone know how i get this monkey off my back?
We luv outside recess
Puppy fight
3 wrestlers - one ref
hining bath bath1
I'm hiding
Caught, now what
Oh that was a bath
2 on one, not fair
Moma used to be able to stand without puppies
Ring Toss
More puppy fight
Let attack the big giant shoe
In the big bed, with mom
Hey - its a jungle out here!!
What could be cuter, a toddler with a puppy
After Grandmadog (Haley) and Cousindog (Jody) were at the Marshfield show we visited Auntiedogs Mick and Sugar at their home. The two grandchidren of Stan and Pam were there and absolutely wore the little one's out, but did give us a chance to observe the puppies in a new environment and their reaction to other people than ourselves. These are not real shy puppies
An attempt to help mom wean puppies by hiding their meals (didn't work)
Hunting Ducks
On their 7th week birthday we took the pups to Eagle River where we met with our old friend of long standing, Sue (well know Field owner) and the girls from the family who owns Buttercup. They had been away for several weeks so they came home to some very much larger pups
Tunnel, phewy on agility training, its get us out of the sun (and rain)
Stand your ground!!
6 Day Old Puppies
blue yellow green
Queen Bella
Inigo Montoya
Dk Blue - Liver & Tan - Male
Yellow - Black & Tan - Female
Green - Liver - Male
lt blue
Miracle Max
Red - Black - Female
Lt Blue - Liver - Male
2 Week Pictures
Queen Bella
Inigo Montoya
Miracle Max
4 week Pictures
Queen Bella
Inigo Montoya
Miracle Max
6 Week Pictures
Queen Bella
Inigo Montoya
Miracle Max
7 weeks - 3 days
Queen Bella
Inigo Montoya
Moved to Seattle, now known as Luke
Moving to Milwaukee
In Seattle w/brother named Bernie
Miracle Max
Looking for a home
Gone to Colorado named Tanin
And starting his own pack


Puppy Pedigree


  Ch Lydemoor Lincoln CD, TDI, OSX, HOF

Liver - OFA Good
CH Bitterblue's Simply Louie
Liver - OFA.Fair
CH Bitterblue's Squier's Legacy
CH N'Haven;s Denali Mountain View CD RA MH
Liver - OFA Mild
Black - OFA Good

CH Maplesugar A Maximum Exposure CDX


Black - OFA Good

CH Northhaven California Dreamin' ODX
Black - OFA Good
    Northhaven's Callisto
Liver - OFA Good  

CH Promenade’s Port of Call, DCKSD
Liver and Tan-OFA Good
CH NorthSky’s She Is a Diamond
Liver & Tan
  CH-UCH N'Haven NorthSky Starry Nite
Northsky’s True Love
Black & Tan - OFA Excellent
Liver - OFA Good


  Thandiwe Maplesugar Magick
Liver - OFA Good

CH NorthSky's Magick Man

Liver - OFA Excellent
    Northsky’s Moonspinner
Liver - OFA GOOD