logo Litter Fourteen
Born: Feb 4, 2013
Buddy & Butters


I guess we should have learned from Toby that young FS Males who have foreign-born father's are just more precocious than our native born guys. Kathy took Butters along with Buttercup to get Buttercup bred. As an extra precaution, Natcho was spending time in the motorhome 'cause he goes nuts when there's a girl in season. Kathy returned and dropped off Buttercup (whose breeding didn't take). Although Butter showed signs of coming out of season, Buddy didn't think so. About 7 weeks later Kathy noticed that there were signs the Butters was pregnant, nipple grows and the like but no actual weight gain. On Sunday Feb. 3rd we decided to have her x-rayed just in case there was a pup. Early on Monday morning she decided to prove she was pregnant and out came little "Ambush"

UPDATES and Cute Pictures

Typical Fieldie, needs a pillow
Meet "Ambush"
1st dinner sleep male
First Solid Meal
Sleeps like a Fieldie - need a pillow
This mush could be habit forming
sister toy outa
I luv cuddling with my sister
I'm SOOO outa here
crate duck snake
Crate training ?? How about crate trained!!
Hey LOOK, I'm a retriever Gotta keep the snakes out
bed pee
My favorite bed - fits JUST right This white cold stuff makes it hard for a guy to pee
All growed up
Puppy Pedigree
Reedmace Fenlight
  Liver Roan
  Reedmace Cutty Sark LR  
Liver Roan – OFA Excellent
Soberhill Reedmace Flag
Northsky's Faithful Friend
  Liver Roan
CH-UCH N'Haven NorthSky Starry Nite 
CH NorthSky’s She Is a Diamond
Black & Tan - OFA Excellent
  Liver & Tan  
  Ch Promenade’s Port of Call, DCKSD


  Liver & Tan - OFA  Good
Northsky's Buster Brown    
Liver w/white blaze CH Maplesugar Eclipse’n  Motion
  NorthSky’s Moon over Parador Black, OFA Good
Liver - OFA Good
Butters   CH NorthSky's Northern Lights
Liver & Tan - OFA Good
CH NorthSky’s Storybook Love 
Liver – OFA Mild
  Ch Promenade’s Port of Call, DCKSD 
Liver & Tan - OFA Good
CH NorthSky Music of the Night
Black & Tan - Good
    CH-UCH N'Haven NorthSky Starry Nite 
Black & Tan - OFA Excellent