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Born: January 23, 2019

Thunder & Lizabeth
lizabeth thunder
Thunder - Ch BlueSky's Thunderbomb at NorthSky
Lizabeth - Northsky’s Queen Of Diamonds


pillow food
Gotta have a pillow
well, food in
food out
One week pictures
blue brownboy Green boy
Blue Boy - Liver & Tan
Brown Boy - Liver & Tan
Green Boy - Liver & Tan
Orange girl yellow girl red boy
Orange Girl - Liver & Tan
Yellow Girl - Liver & Tan
Red Boy - Liver & Tan
Cute Pictures
Bed Check
Just doing my puppy job
Two Week Pictures
Kristoff Olaf hans
Kristoff (Blue Boy)
Olaf (Brown Boy)
Hans (Green Boy)
Elsa Anna Duke
Elsa ( Orange Girl)
Anna (Yellow Girl)
Duke (Red Boy)






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Northsky’s Queen Of Diamonds
Liver & Tan
Thunder:Ch BlueSky's Thunderbomb at NorthSky