Litter Five

Born: February 8, 2008

Magick & Haley



Puppies at 6 weeks

Liver Male "Puter"renamed "Charlie" Went to New Lisbon Show Home
Liver Female "Cocoa"(now deep in the heart of TX)
Mr. Greengenes (Gone to Florida)
Miles renamed Jager(Happy in Mazomainie)
Cabbie renamed Rufus (Gone to Minnesota)
Josh ( Now living in Illinois)
Liver Male "Toby"





Miles (little blue boy) has undergone a name change since he went to live with his new people. He's now known as JAGER -or hunter .

As seen in the picture taken (left) a few weeks ago, as you can see he's just full of energy and wanting to go go go.

We heard from his people that he likes fishing in the pond. He dove in and came back to shore with a fish in his mouth. When asked, he surrendered the fish without a struggle. The fish was returned to the pond albeit a bit dazed.


Also undergoing a name change, Mr Greengenes is now MUNCHI

He lives in Florida in a Doggie Natural Food Store and is the chief greeter, though we're sure that quality control in the treat department is probably part of his job

It's reported that MUNCHI loves the pool, but there's no fish in that so we don't know if he'll be the fisherdog his brother is.

We did get a call from a woman in Florida who is considering a field spaniel based on meeting Munchie - a real good ambassador for the breed


Cabbie was the first pup to leave. His family picked him up at the Eau Claire dog show when he was 9 weeks old. The left it up to their daughter to name him and she looked at him and said "Brownie", so Brownie" it is. He's been fulfilling his main job of being a companion and overall friend to the family very well according to the family and they are still looking at the possibility of training him as a therapy dog.

Cocoa is now CLAIRE - NorthSky's Chocolate Eclair went to Texas when she was about 4 months old. Paul took her to the Minn/St.Paul Intl's Airport and to sent her to Houston. As he left the baggage office, Claire was laying in her crate with a very bored look When she was picked up a couple of hours later in Houston she came willingly out of the crate and there was no wet, but she did have to pee and an soon as she was out of the crate she did, did and did, Claire owners operate a kennel in Texas and report that she's gone through her second obedience class - no word if she's really an obedient fieldyy though

Puppy Pedigree

    She Ch Woodgay Malus Gergeus
  Dubldee Argusianus Argus  
    Sh Ch Dubldee Silk'n Lace


Thandiwe Maplesugar Magick    
  Silksheen Strelitzia
  Dubldee Guaira at Thandiwe  
    Dubldee Lady Roseandju
7 puppies

SarDeb’s The Everyready Charger

  Ch Maplesugar Eclipse in Motion  
    CH Maplesugar DZ Diva N’Motion CD
Northsky’s Moonspinner    
  CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho
  Ch NorthSky's Northern Lights  
    CH U-CH Crystal Rose Born to Bloom