CH NorthSky's She Is a Diamond
lucy champ


Being a Starry daughter, we continued with the music theme for out puppies. Lucy is obviously from the"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" a Beatle hit. She has developed into the mellowed and best natured of our pack. She's no wuss and will stand up against intrusion, but she also is not bossy or demanding like some other of our pack (think mom)

She has also gotten the nickname of "Lucy Lucifer" for it is her self-appointed job to find what ever mischief there is and get into it. We believe that she also leads the others into mischief as well. Lucy also challenges Natcho for the title of escape artist - thought that may be due to Natcho's slowing down. If there is the smallest hole to get out, she's out and running, sometimes enlarging the hole enough to allow Haley to follow. A little while ago after accumulating a pack of postcards from the vet saying that this or that pup needed shots (we were saving so we could tell the vet what names to purge) she grabbed the whole pack and when we found her she was seat, calmly, in the middle of the torn remnants of the cards with the sweet, innocent "who me?" look Speaking of self appointing herself a job, it appears that she decided on her own to become a mommy by enticing a 7 month old puppy dog into breaking a commandment. Her mother had been breed and as Starry progressed,Lucy seemed to be mimicking a pregnancy

Lucy's Championship

to the point we felt we had to check it out. Other than the brief mystery of "whose daddy?" the pregnancy went well and two days after he mother had a litter of 5 pups, Lucy presented the world with 7 roll-polly pups.(Litter 8) Because of a possible infection, Starry's milk didn't come in well, as a result we switched around the pups so the the stronger nursing Lucy puppy went to grandma and the less strong Starry pups went to sister. there were days where Lucy provided nourishment for all 12 puppies.

Lucy showed that her mellow and good natured temperament translated into a natural motherhood. She not only fed everyone, she was a real nurturing mom, faithfully instructing puppies in the way of being a field spaniel

And finally, after a two summers of of trading points with her sister Mic, and over her little when we had about despaired of ever getting that elusive second major and final point, Lucy went into the ring at Elkhorn with head held high and an attitude of "look at me!!!" and finally earned the right to have CH at the start of her name.


bath puppy lucy
Lucy's first bath 9 weeks old All grown up
  best puppy  
  Lucy's First Win - Best Puppy  


Lucy's Pedigree

 CH Promenade’s Port of Call, DCKSD
 Liver and Tan-OFA Good 
CH-UCH N'Haven NorthSky Starry Nite
Black & Tan- OFA Excellent
CH Hilltop Avalyde Jolly Roger
 Liver and Tan-OFA Good 
 CH Capriole’s Promise to Promenade
 Black -OFA  Good
CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD
CH Northhaven California Dreamin
Black- OFA Good
CH Lydemoor Lincoln CD
Liver -OFA  Good
Ch Crystalrose Sugar N Spice 
Liver - OFA Good
BIS & BISS Ch Marshfield’s Boys Night Out
Liver OFA  Good
CH Maplesugar’s Carillon TDNAJ
 Black-OFA  Fair
Silkscreen Cyboglossium
Lydemoore Llysanne Tanitha
CH Maplesugar A Maximum Exposure CD
 Black -OFA  Good
Northhaven's Callisto