CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho

Nacho is looking for a home and a job. His job is guarding all his toys and being "only dog" or a boy friend dog for some sweet young thing, for some nice family. He is older, but he has already shown he can "re-home" he's just tired of five females. His only request will be that he be allowed to learn how to use the remote control and the can opener so he can live up to his "couch-potato" reputation,


CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho or "Natcho-Man" came to us as a two years old from Kingsmead Kennels in Powhatan, VA.  We picked him up on a trip to Washington, D.C.  Kathy had a conference and the difficulty of flying a dog prompted us to drive to Washington and "while we were in the neighborhood" we stopped by and picked him up. 

Raised by Alexandria Collard as a kennel dog, Natcho has adjusted to his new life as a house dog quickly and easily, learning quickly about treats and toys. 

He has proven to be an escape artist, getting over a 4 foot fence and under most anything. He once escaped from a kennel and was gone for over a week, finally coming back when the ticks began to annoy him. We found that he's a houdini, not an einstein. 

Natcho has a thing about toys. He will pick one up and carry it around for days, even weeks. When no one is looking, he will collect all of the toys in a room, pile them on his cushion and sit there - daring anyone to take one away. When he won his championship, we bought him a toy, which he proudly carried all over the show site with the "look what I WON" look.  
Natcho begging Amanda and Natch
Natcho and friend Amanda

Natcho's Pedigree
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CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho
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