penny newbornAt about 8:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in May, Kathy received a call from the vet telling her of an increasing progesterone level in Aurora. Waking Paul she informed him and wondered what to do. By 11:00 a.m. Paul had Aurora in a van and was on his way to Ballston Spa, NY and an intended mating.. Because of circumstances beyond control, Aurora was matched with Simon, Sally Stebbins male. A month later the vet did an ultra-sound and declared "nobody home." and Aurora who had been given some extra TLC was demoted once again to being a "dog" A month later Aurora began to act a little more strange, nesting and hiding in a crate. Kathy decided that she had better keep an eye on her. Taking her out on a lead to potty, Aurora assumed the "poop" position and out popped a puppy. After waiting for more activity and a shot of oxytocin, it was decided there was a singleton. More complications arose and Aurora had an emergency spay and al thought we tried, the pup never learned to nurse from her mom. Aurora is a good mom, watching over her pup, cleaning her and letting me know if she thinks the pup is somewhere she shouldn't be or is hungry. So Kathy has been the provider of nourishment by tube feeding and now bottle feeding, while Aurora looks on

Since we had a singleton we named her Penny (cafe: Blondie movies for lead Penny Singleton) as well as her costing a "Pretty Penny."

So far she is a feisty pup, gaining weight and appears to be as normal active, starting to bark and trying to walk. We will keep an update there. Wish her luck in her new world.



Penny's puppy pile
A week later

At four weeks


playPlay Training
escapeEscape training


Penny never did take to a nipple, mom's or a bottle, but some stuff mixed with water in a bowl - now that's real food. Penny is off the bottle and eating for herself. She also is playing with a ball and likes to be let out of the whelping box to play with mom. She's batting at mom and trying to bite. She is also very vocal with a little puppy bark that attracts all sorts of attention.


Oh that tail's gonna send the judges to the book

6wks3Like my eyes?

6wks1Checking out the relatives

At 6 weeks Penny's been eating well and very intense about her training, pouncing on her toys and chasing mom all over the place and barking. She even has started to join in the when the other dogs start their chorus.
CH Northaven's Kodakrome
U-CH NorthSky's Northern Lights 
Liver & Tan- OFA good
CH Maplesugar A Maximum Exposure
 CH Northaven's Callisto
CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho
Liver - OFA Good
CH U-CH Crystal Rose Born to Bloom
Liver _ OFA Good
CH waterfield's a Falling Star
CH Maplesugar'sCaillech
 CH  Bitterblu'en Rocky
 Rosewood;s Trick or Treat
Terralan Rainbow Trail
Winter Rose Duchess Delilah
CH Waterfields Falling Star 
CH C'rose Flying High at Waterfield