CH Northsky's Magick Man

Born 2/2/08






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Toby from the get go was a happy go-luck kinda galoot. His effusive nature sorta masked the the real Toby. While a puppy he was out playing with Lucy. Lucy was in season but we thought nothing of it as Field Spaniel males are notorious of not having a clue until over two years of age. Well something worked because about two months later there were puppies. DNA proved that they were Toby's

Toby's nose was so selective that we trusted him to predict the exact time for breeding of whatever girl we were looking to breed.

Because of the puppies, we had a preliminary hip x-ray done and he was rated Excellent. Prelims don't always stand up and at two we did his "official" x-ray and although the Dr. though he was definitely a high end good OFA rated him an excellent

Have an excellent female at home (Starry) who was a good genetic match, we breed him to Starry and some very nice pups were born
To this point he had done little in the ring. He started well with a 1st place in puppy match but had trouble concentrating in the ring. At the National Specialty held in Wisconsin he charged into the ring ready to greet and play with everyone. The judge apparently saw past the puppy behavior enough to give him 3rd out of 8 places with the comment "he needs more experience"
Robert Bruce was so impressed with him at the Nationals that he wanted to breed to him, a try at "chilled" didn't work, so Robert
volunteered to take Toby so he could have a "live-in" stud. Robert also started to train him and as a result Toby, as of Dec 2010 is one point from his championship with two puppies (a male and female) who won points their first time out who will soon be giving daddy at run for his money in the ring


Toby's Pedigree
    Sh Ch Woodgay Malus Gergeus
  Dubldee Argusianus Argus  
    Sh Ch Dubldee Silk'n Lace


Thandiwe Maplesugar Magick    
Liver - OFA GOOD
  Silksheen Strelitzia
  Dubldee Guaira at Thandiwe  
    Dubldee Lady Roseandju

CH NorthSkys Magick Man



SarDeb’s The Everyready Charger

  Ch Maplesugar Eclipse in Motion  
    CH Maplesugar DZ Diva N’Motion CD
Northsky’s Moonspinner    
Liver - OFA GOOD
  CH Kingsmead WR Matcho Natcho
  Ch NorthSky's Northern Lights  
    CH U-CH Crystal Rose Born to Bloom